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Trinity Consulting Inc

Search Portal

Secure web-based entry point where all searches are performed. customizable search crawling and indexing is performed using customizable search scopes and metadata.

Typical Search Portals

  • Public Internet Content
  • General Information
  • Documents & Application Data
  • Personnel and Contact Information

Typical Functionality

  • Customizable Content Types (metadata templates)
  • Customizable Search Scopes
  • Targeted Search to Audiences

Typical Features

  • Multiple Front-end Server Support
  • Role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Account Management
  • WYSIWYG Content Editing
  • Custom Approval Workflows
  • Secure Publishing Workflow + Auditing
  • Custom Web/Infopath Forms
  • E-mail notifications & reminders
  • Calendar integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Customizable Content Types

Typical Technology Components

Diagram of Search Portal Configuration